Build The Perfect System for Your Malt

Our vision is straightforward: Develop the most cost-effective and efficient equipment that enables maltsters to excel in their entrepreneurial endeavors. We do this by helping remove the obstacles to startup and growth with superior planning, equipment, and systems design.
Customization lies at the heart of our approach, with every Malters Advantage system tailored, engineered, and constructed to meet the unique requirements of each maltster. Likewise, when maltsters run into challenges in running their operations, we offer unwavering technical support and deep industry knowledge to troubleshoot issues as they arise.
Our entire focus is to empower maltsters by equipping them with the tools and knowledge necessary to produce the highest quality, most consistent malt for their valued craft brewery and distillery clientele.

Modular, Expandable

Achieve consistent malt quality every time. Our variable steep tanks and self-contained germination and kiln systems put you in control, ensuring consistency from bin to bag. Each Malters Advantage malting installation is ready to expand when you are. We help you plan from the start so you never need to re-engineer your site.

Get Malting

What Our Clients Say...

“Malters Advantage has proven to be a reliable partner, consistently delivering top-notch custom equipment. I highly recommend them to anyone in the industry seeking high-quality malting drums, Saladin boxes, steeps, kilns, and more. Their team is experienced, responsive, and always willing to go the extra mile to ensure customer satisfaction. They have undoubtedly earned my trust and long-term business!”

- Twila Soles, Grouse Malt House

Our Promises to You

  • Integrity: It’s the bedrock of our business. At Malters Advantage, we stand behind our systems and solutions and are committed to your satisfaction. We consider our job unfinished until we have met and exceeded your expectations, ensuring your utmost confidence in our products and services.
  • Consistency:With Malters Advantage, your malt production will reach new heights of consistency, resulting in unparalleled quality for both your malts and the beer and spirits crafted from them. Elevate your products and delight your customers with a level of consistency that sets you apart from the competition.
  • Control: Take charge of the malting process like never before. Malters Advantage’s advanced systems empower you to "control the weather" with precision tools that diligently monitor and regulate every aspect of the malting journey, from bin to bag. Enjoy unparalleled control and confidence as you shape the flavors and characteristics of your malt, ensuring exceptional outcomes every time.
  • Simplicity: Building and operating a malthouse is a lot of work. At Malters Advantage, we believe in removing the guesswork and complexity from designing, building, and operating your malting operation. Our modular systems offer a streamlined approach to every step of the malting process, making it easier than ever to scale your operations with confidence. Embrace simplicity and efficiency as you navigate the path to success.

Wayne and his team's singular focus is to help maltsters build businesses and systems that consistently produce the world's best malts. It all starts with your malt! Let us help you fine-tune your operation and build a malting operation that creates consistent malt from bin to bag regardless of the weather and is ready to grow seamlessly when you are.